Vintage GlueBook~finished

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage GlueBook

Finished GlueBook

Does this look familiar?
I started on my Vintage GlueBook way back in June when I signed up for the Vintage GlueBook class given by Mary Green (She is still giving classes and you can sign up for the Christmas Vintage GlueBook

The project's goal was to use nothing more than glue and vintage papers. I started out with pictures of me with my mom

and ended with me and the curls my mother saved and that I have saved all of these years. The curls are in the little brown air mail envelope.

Here are some of my other postings as my work progressed.
My mom

Mom and Dad

Grandpa Elmer and Grandma Clara Pierce
Urby and Clara Bancroft
I have some additional pictures of my Grandpa and Grandma Pierce (my mom's parents) because they were younger and very much a part of my life. My Grandpa and Grandma Bancroft passed when I was young.

I used as much vintage paper as possible, sometimes making copies of documents and copies of photos to achieve that old look. At first, I thought I would cover the outside with paper, but I decided to paint it black and add a sticker. I also made a slip-on paper wrap and tied it all up with twine.

Viola...I hope this is a book my family will keep and pass down. It is only a small part of my family rememberances. I have enjoyed thinking about this past and what it has given me. I'm proud to be a Pierce/Bancroft.


  1. This is wonderful, Beth. Your excellent sense of composition really shows in the pages layouts. I especially love the page with the red stamps on the yellow envelope. Very nice.

    I started one of my family when I signed up for Mary's pages swap.

  2. Yeah B - it is such a sense of accomplishment to get a gluebook "full". Love all the family pics! Are you joining Mary's Christmas class? J

  3. Beautiful, and so personal! I know your family will treasure it!