October MailArt~Goth

Friday, October 28, 2011

Goth MailArt
Each month, I get so excited when I hear about our new MailArt theme...October was Goth.

Geez, what did I know about Goth except the kids walking around town with all black clothes, black nails, black lipstick, and black military boots? After a little research, I had a new understanding, subculture not much different from any other rejection of the main culture. It didn't help much until I looked at some Goth fashion magazines and hit on: Mona Lisa Goes Goth. It was a blast to make.

Alike, but different. One for Leslie and one for Jewels. Copied a picture of Mona Lisa. Drew in the eye makeup and colored purple hair. New lips, from someone in a magazine. Glued on image of mini tophat. I made the tophat veil out of onion bag mesh. Piercings and necklace was part of cells up-close from a Science mag. Added a gargoyle and a gothic picture frame. Da Vinci would roll over in his grave. LOL

Backside of my postcard. Eyeglasses...new dollar stamp from Joann's. I will add on as soon as I take pics of my peps's Mailart. Stay tuned.

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