500 Visitors Giveaway!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

500 Visitors Giveaway!!

It's wonderful to have 1,000 followers, some have 2,000 visitors, I've heard of Tweets that have in the millions, but since July 1, 2011, I have had 500 visitors. (Probably half of them are my checking to see who has visited...no matter). My cluster map shows where folks live and since I love geography, I love to look at those maps and the flags. I am thrilled that so many people have taken the time to see what I have posted. The comments and interest has keep me motivated and eager to post more on this site. I have met fabulous artists and learned about artwork from Australia to Vancouver to Brazil to Finland, and so many other places around the world. To each of you, thank you.

In honor of the 500 visitors, I will be giving away 5 items. Nothing fancy or expensive, but something I have made or collected. If you would like to win, you have to post a comment here. It will last for the next few days ending Sunday ( I extended to get more winners). I will randomly draw out 5 names and put them with the 5 prizes. Check back to see if you have won and make sure I have your e-mail address so I can find you mailing address. This should be fun!!!

ATC Giveaway #1:

ATC Giveaway #2:

ATC Giveaway #3:

Tag Giveaway #4:

Surprise package of paper Giveaway #5:

?????????? From children's books, an atlas, homemade, store bought, from my paper stash.:))

So, again, thank you and I hope you enjoy this little giveaway.


  1. Oh Beth - would love to get the Froggy tag :) so pick me! Jewels

  2. Congrats on your 500 visitors. I am now following your blog myself - LOVE your ATCs and would be very happy to be able to add one to my collection.

  3. Ohh I love your collage....thank you for dropping by my art space too and Congrats on your 500th visitor. I've not done a swap for a while now but would love to do so....cheers!!

  4. Am I too late!? Love your collages!