Sketchbook Project JRAC

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jordan River Sketchbook contains a chapter on "postage stamp people".
Couldn't resist using Johnny Cash in my Sketchbook.
Zetti's are in my "postage stamp people" chapter and in my tags chapter.  I included an explanation of Zettiology.
"North Wind Floral" is my entry.  It is a collagraph, includes relief printmaking, and collage.   I will be teaching a printmaking class, Mono-prints to Multi-prints, on March 1 at the Jordan River Art Center in East Jordan.  More information coming soon.


  1. Love your multi-layered prints. Postage people are fab.

  2. Goodness, now you're teaching! You're gonna have a whole second career doing this art thing. Congrats! Hope class is fun. Sometimes teaching is a hoot and other times it's a drag, depending on your students.