"Winter Shoreline" Gaylord Show

Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Winter Shoreline"
20" x 20"
Collage on Canvas
Off on a new tangent, a new color scheme.   Still Wabi Sabi inspired.   The rocks magically appeared.  Here is my attempt at haiku in response:
       Winter snow
shoreline rocks shiver
a lovely blue sky
It all happened when I inherited some gray paper from my husband's old scrapbook.  And I found some great blue paper napkins.  That's my formula for a new creation. And, I should add that I have accumulatied white tissue from some recent purchases.  Tissue paper...I'll admit that when I go into a store, I check out the tissue paper they wrap the purchase in.  If I like the tissue paper, I will probably buy something.   Anyone else do that?  
 I'm getting ready to enter this new work in a Winter theme show in Gaylord.  "Raven Blizzard" and "Two Degrees Below Zero"  are also going to this show. 
"Raven Blizzard"
12" x 12"
"Two Below Zero"
12" x 12"
Watch for more blue.  I'm hoping to inherit more paper.  Or maybe I'll have to make some blue paper of my own.


  1. Icy shoreline scene
    Frigid colors abound here
    Winter has set in

    I like them all but Raven Blizzard is my fave. You are branching out.

  2. Raven Blizzard is my favourite too!

  3. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comments and, I too have a warm place in my artsy heart for Raven Blizzard.