Postage Stamp People for JRAC Sketchbook

Monday, October 14, 2013

Power Lifter
KIng Tut's Chariot
 Seek Balance
Jordan River Art Center in East Jordan, MI,  has sponsored a Sketchbook Project similar to Brooklyn Art Library.  One section in my sketchbook is devoted to Postage Stamp people.  I must say, I am getting better at it.  Finding the right size body for the head is definitely a problem.  Creating the "add to" is my kind of fun.  I've taken some visual lessons and inspiration from Jo Murray in Australia and Bockel 24 in Germany Thank you to these ladies. 


  1. Wow how cool is that B! Love your pieces,

  2. LOVE them. Thanks for the 'plug'. It's a fun project.

  3. What a neat idea. I'm amazed that some of these things never occur to me. I have a ton of postage stamps, will have to give this a try. Yours are great!

  4. it´s always nice to read that someone got some inspiration from what I do - thank you so much!