Evening Song

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Evening Song
Collagraph and collage
New print today.  I created a new collagraph background and printed with burnt sienna and off white.  I also layered strips of tape to resist the paint.  Totally different background...I'm not sure if I like the very abstract look.  Maybe I just don't like the colors.  Next time, I will use my favorite greens and blues.  I did have fun printing and over-printing the flowers with the purples and blue.  I will try these colors on a different background.  Collaged in orange paper to add contrast.   Maybe it will end up in the cut up pile.


  1. Not one of my faves either but still very interesting. I think what doesn't work about it for me is that the background is sort of divided down the center. Maybe if it were more seamless, or had a full print in the center with half prints on either side. I love the way the purple and turquoise overprint one another.

  2. That is just lovely....bright and beautifully resolved.

  3. Hi Beth
    The pieces you are creating at the moment are wonderful and remind me of the ones I own by UK textile artist and friend BARBARA JEPSON. She paints onto a cotton background then appliqués fabric flowers on top with machine embroidery.
    I hope you got my email saying thank you for the lovely parcel of scrap papers. It was very kind of you.
    Lynn xx