Coneflowers at My Gate

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Coneflowers at My Gate"

I've been really serious about making the images register.  This time, the coneflowers are printed with Magenta (acrylics),  over-printed with Orange Calypso Opaque, and then I used a small brush to paint the flower plate with Magenta and printed.  The bottom flowers were done the same way.  I went back to my flower plate to add the stems and leaves, not thinking about a reverse image, I printed.  Note to self: try it out first in sketchbook.  It was a happy mistake and just adds a few more stems and texture.  Second time around, I got the stem placement correct.  I added stamped black pattern at the right and left and top of the page.  Finished off with small bubble wrap printing.  Then, I found scraps of paper that had been printed before to add some contrast.  I don't think I can call this a collagraph since I didn't start with a solid base print, but instead rolled on ink directly to the paper using a brayer.  Just don't know about this technical stuff, so I'll stick with mixed-media.  I think I'll keep working with this until my paper stash runs out.

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