Sunday, April 14, 2013

collagraph and collage
"Spring Fusion" 
Have you ever heard of collagraphs?  collagraph ( klgraf ) ( graphic arts ) A print made from a plate produced by the collage method.  I'm on to something new.  One of the upcoming juried shows is a drawing and printmaking exhibit.  I can't draw (maybe I could, but don't have enough years to practice). I love printmaking.  What can you do without a printing press and tons of new materials? Monoprints and collagraphs.  It looks really cool.  To achieve what I want seems to be more difficult than one would think.  But, I'm game.  I have made a number of cardboard plates and have printed the designs.  Mostly, I am experimenting and most have been flops.  Just how to put it all together is the big question.  My mail art friend, Leslie, has been working with gelli printing with nice results.  Maybe I should invest in something of that sort.  Printmakers out there, are there any books or on-line classes you would recommend to me?    We'll see how this goes.  Above is my first attempt.  (Smile)


  1. Well, I think that's gorgeous, Beth. Good colors, nice balance. Totally looks like a busy stencil page, which I like but have a hard time pulling off. Just go YouTube "gelli" and watch a few. I think a gelli plate is the best $30 you can spend for an art supply that lets you create original art every single time you use it.

  2. Wow B that is really cool! I'm resisting the geli plates though I know they are extremely popular right now - trying to save my pennies for house are the travel plans coming along? Hugs J