Tag Tuesday~Snow Games~Make a Snowman

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Trend Setting Zetti Snowman
Here is my tag for the Tag Tuesday Challenge.  My goal, this year, is to try out new techniques.  Making a zetti is new for me.  The closest thing to it was my "Mona Goes Goth" Mail art.  So, here is my snow man.  I especially love the sentiment and the owl.  I did learn that stamping on a glossy paper has to be done with Stargazer inks.  I had an awful time. And using white pen can be a challenge.  I do like posting because it shows up the flaws so they can be corrected the next time.  Chalk it up to learning.  Go over to TagTuesday if you want to see some beautiful tags. 


  1. I think this is great! I like zetti stuff altho it doesn't come naturally to me to do it. I always have to refer to someone's work when I'm doing one.
    Sometimes the back of the tag isn't glossy. The best thing I've learned about white gel pens is to move the pen slowly so that the ink can flow and fill in. And to not go over an area again until it's totally dry. I love their striped horns.

  2. Lovely, lovely snowman! I love your collage works!