Squared and Squared Again

Friday, January 27, 2012

Squared and Squared Again are collage on canvas ready to go to the Jordan River Art show.  The canvases are 18" x 20".  Here is the challenge:
Each artist is invited to create two works of art using the following criteria.
—Use of the square in your work is required. Any other shape is optional.
—The concept of big and little to be used.
—Can be related or not.
—The big and little concept can be in included within one work.
—Any media and theme accepted.
—2 or 3 dimensional
—Abstract, Realistic or Non Objective.
Hope these meet the criteria.  It will be my second show of the year if accepted.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I enjoy the challenge no matter what.


  1. These are beautiful Beth - I'm keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you (LOL).

  2. I found your blog as I'm doing Tag Tuesday too - I just love the collages - what beautiful colours. I also loved your Vintage tag - I have an obsession with moths and things that fly so I really like the use of butterflies in your work. Will definitely pop back to see more of your work!

  3. Beautiful pieces! My fingers are crossed for you, too! I've been enjoying browsing your blog - I really like your work. (And thank you for the email saying my postcard arrived for the Postcard Swap! I'm glad you liked it)

  4. These are very cool, Beth, and I love the color palette. I think the bottom one is my fave of the two.

  5. I'm glad I stopped! Of the two, I'd go with the top one. It gives me the feel of trees in the background which are simply hinted at - but it does work wonderfully. Nice touch with the butterfly!