MailArt~Nov.~Turkey Wrap

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gobble,Gobble.  This month's MailArt theme was Turkey Wrap...turkey dead or alive as long as it was turkey.  The verdict is in.  Another fabulous MailArt swap.
Here's my postcard from Jewels:
So much fun to see the old TV dinners.  And, check out the conversation in the ad.  That would never be enough for my husband to eat  Dad's probably gone to the nearest restaurant or grocery store to get a real meal.  Anyway, very clever!  I know J wanted this theme because she already had an idea of what she would do.
And here's a postcard from Leslie:
I got a big kick out of seeing Freida on a turkey.  A turkey zetti or zetti turkey.  I know Leslie likes to use her gel pens so this was just the chance. Again very clever!

Here's my take: Tortilla package.  On the front a piece of pumpkin pie for the address and silverware
 Inside a lettuce postcard, a turkey postcard, a tomato tag, and a cheese tag.
Back of postcards and tags.
  I had fun putting the cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce on my copier.  I know my weird sense of humor kicked in and I couldn't wait to send the whole package out.  Surprisingly, it went through the mail without a problem. I had my chance to do something totally different.  Who knows what I will send next!