Yard Sale "Good Stuff"and Mudge

Thursday, September 8, 2011

OMG, don't let me loose for one day. Or maybe I should blame it on Leslie since she posted her yard sale finds. Anyway, three children's books, a dictionary, a set of puzzles, a stamping kit, a folding ruler, and a square travel suitcase. Go figure...like I don't have enough stuff anyway. It was definitely fun and helped the economy and my neighbors. I'm all about helping. LOL No, that big eyebrowed guy isn't yard sale stuff, but "Good Stuff" Mudge, our Scottie Boy, who wanted to be a part of the picture.


  1. Don't blame it on me! I wasn't even there to fight over stuff with you. How about a closer pic of the stamp set. Is it old? Looks old from here. Alphabets?

  2. Heh B - I have found some "good" stuff this trip too and will be posting soon - sure blame it on Leslie (LOL). J