Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mail Art August~Haiku

I was so excited when Haiku was suggested for our MailArt theme this last month. After reading the many Haiku books I and my husband have, I settled on one I love:

The halo of the moon,

Is it not the scent of plum-blossoms
Rising up to heaven.

Then started the creation. I found tissues ,those little packages to put in your purse (one of my few purchases in Quebec City) since I knew it would be perfect. Here was my process:

Copied pink plum blossom tissue on plain old white computer paper, sorry the picture didn't turn out.

Next found little pagoda clip art, cut it out and positioned it on my copier glass, I ran the paper back through the printer...2 pages.

Made a little tag of the haiku, cutout some of the plum blossoms from the tissue and positioned them on my pagoda paper. Ran back through the copier.

Next came the add-ons. Konji for plum blossom. Gold flourishes and a crescent moon with my new metalic gold pen. Two vintage Japanese postage stamps. And my spiral flipflop stamp for the halo around the moon. One postcard for Leslie and one for Jewels.

The same, but different.

Yes glued my paper to a maila folder cut 41/2 x61/2 for the postcard.
Next the back of the postcard. Stamped. Added some tape for the divider.

A few spirals to match the front, a message to my pals and off to the post.

I really enjoy creating MailArt.

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  1. And I enjoy getting it! It's cool to see the process. I never think about it till I'm done and then go "Doh!"
    As soon as Julie's card shows up, I'll blog about all three of them.