Liberate your art Postcard tutorial- make the front

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  1. Chose the size of your postcard.  This paper is heavy watercolor paper, cut 4.25" x 6"  The card was created by putting watercolor on it.  I thought it would make a nice, easy background.
      2.  Get out materials for the next stage:  black stamp pad, stars, bicycle and numbers rubber stamp, pre-made letters.  Stamp numbers and bicycle.  Add the letters making the word you wish.  Clock face is fancy cut (fancy cut means all of the paper is cleanly cut off around it) out of a magazine.  Glue it on ,using a glue stick, after deciding where you want to place it.
3.  I stamped around the edge of the postcard using a stamp that I made from a styrofoam tray.  
   4.  Added a fancy cut butterfly, cut out of a magazine.  Can add more images, color or   stamping.  This example is ready for the back.  Make as many copies as you like on heavy card stock.  Use your own printer or have it done professionally.
Stay Tuned.... 

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  1. Nice B :) ....I was lazy and used MOO to make prints of previous Mail Art - very reasonable price to do......