Mackinac Island Art Retreat

Sunday, May 24, 2015

 Horses on Mackinac Island
Sheila and the ladies working on backgrounds for upcoming art projects
I have never been to an art retreat, so when my friend Cherie ask me to be a part of Helga's Palette group, I was thrilled.  Four days of art at the Murray Hotel.  We could work as much as we wanted, so there was lunch, drinks, walking around the island, and dinner.  It was wonderful to meet the ladies of the group and watch as they experimented with new techniques and materials.  We also went to the Manoogian Gallery at the Indian School to see my picture.  77 entries with 22 accepted in the juried show.  The reception will be June 24.  I hope I am invited to the Mackinac art retreat next year.. I had a grand time.
Loon's Call-Peace

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  1. Oh wow Beth - I would love to have joined you especially as I have never been to the island - if they do again next year (or later this year) please let me know!!! Hugs J