Gaylord Art Center: A Great Stop to Shop

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"2 Below Zero"
12" x 12" 
Collage on Canvas
SOLD at GACA Gallery
Traveling in Michigan is a joy.  View blue water, green, green trees, bluffs and sand dunes.  Stop at a winery or a brew pub or attend one of the many summer festivals.  But, if you are interested in beauty, stop at an Art Center.  Art for every taste can be found in the many local shops and galleries.  One such gallery is in Gaylord right on the main street, Gaylord Area Council for the Arts gallery and art market.  On display this month is artwork by winners of GACA juried shows throughout 2013.  Shop the gallery and gift area. You'll find my work there.  Thanks for purchasing one of a kind art.  I appreciate it.


  1. Love your 2 Below piece, Beth.

  2. So cool this got sold B (I would have bought it too!) ....may need to make a trip LOL

  3. I do like the colors in this one, and that owl looking over his shoulder is such an interesting focal point. Congrats on selling it. Isn't it cool to think of something you hanging on someone's wall, being commented on by their friends and family? Who knows what will become of it over the years, passed down to children and eventually grandchildren.

  4. Lucky person who now owns this piece!