Zentangle Mailart

Monday, March 4, 2013

Zentangles was the theme for our Feb. Mailart swap. I really enjoyed trying something new and learning about this form of art.  I happened to have black lined paper and a white pen so I went to work.  I viewed a number of tutorials and incorporated some of my own tangles, although they have probably been done by others.  True to my paper collage roots, I cut out hearts and other zentangle designs and changed the look.  I also tangled some stamped hearts.  Inside, my friends found a vintage valentine. Neat, huh? 


  1. Oh, the guilt! But I'm finishing mine right now. Just couldn't get into them this time, altho I've enjoyed them in the past.
    Loved yours, Beth. On theme in more ways than one.
    Hey Jewels - what's next?

  2. Been wanting to try zentangles. Have a short vacation coming up and planning to pack light...paper/pen/book for inspiration sounds just right. Love your designs!

  3. Zentangles are still on my 'to do' list. Yours are inspiring.