Sketchbook Project: Limited 2013 Digitalized

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another sketchbook, Here There, and Inbetween, has been digitalized for all the world to see.  If you are in Brooklyn NY,go to the Brooklyn Art Library and look at the original.  If not, check it out here:


  1. Hi Beth
    My book is winging its way round the world too and I am going to see it and many others when it gets to London in October. I will mark yours as one to look at. It's quite exciting, we are staying in London for 4 days and going to see War Horse as well. Hope you get the chance to see all the books.
    Lynn and the Doodly Birds

  2. Congratulations... a lovely book.

  3. What a lovely book! I'm just now prepping the pages for mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my Buried Treasure today. So happy to be discovering so many wonderful new art blogs.

  4. Hi Beth, these are beautiful pages. Did you pick your own theme of post cards from around the world, or is the theme the same for everyone. I have two sketchbooks that I bought in 2009 when the traveling exhibit came to Chicago. There were over 400 books, so it would be really hard to find one by a certain person! After I bought the books I contacted the makers from the info in back to let them know and to tell them how much I appreciated their work. They had not known what happened to their books and did not get paid even a percentage of the sale price. So I guess the gallery and sketchbook people must have an arrangement.?